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Prayers Appreciated for Kim

IMG_0643 I know I have been pretty quiet on the blog front as of late.  This summer, and life in general has been busy, blessed and a needed chance to breathe.  However, as is common in our lives, there is another trial ahead.

Kim is scheduled for surgery this week.  She needs to have a full hysterectomy on Thursday.  We knew that this was something that was going to need to be done this summer, however the Leukemia obviously complicated things significantly.

Kim was cleared from the doctor last month. He said she was officially in remission, although barely.  We celebrated that there were no Hairy Cells found in the blood (with the naked eye which was the initial results).  This used to be the only standard, although last week we learned more information.  With increased technology they have developed a technic to scan the blood in a more specific and precise way.  In this test there were still a slight amount of Hairy Cells present in her blood.  Not the worst news, but certainly cautionary.  Also, Kim’s neutrophils (her bodies ability to fight infection) have not returned to full force yet.   Even with these factors, the doctor felt it was in the best interest to still continue on with her surgery due to the uterus size and issues that it has caused her.  Because Leukemia is a blood cancer, anything that had the ability (long term) to disrupts her normal blood output must be dealt with to give her the best chance of staying well.

However, with that knowledge, this surgery is marked more high risk.   Due to the size of the uterus she will unfortunately have a rather large incision. =( So, we ask for prayer!  We know no other way!!
Please pray…

1.) That God give His peace and preparedness, as well as strength to do what is ahead.  Baring no complications from blood loss, infection or other, she should be out of the hospital in several days to recover at home.

2)Please pray for wisdom for the doctors.

3) That Jacob would draw nearer to God as he walks through another trial with his mom.

4) For my family as I try to love, care and be there for my sister.

5) Quick recovery.  This is a major surgery for anyone, let alone someone that has undergone chemo recently.  BUT…my GOD IS BIGGER THAN!!!

We appreciate your prayers and will update as soon as we have any news.  Thank you dear people for you love,  and encouragement over the last 7 months.  It seems like it has been much longer than that…but in fact ONLY 7 months. =) We know that it is ONLY because of God’s grace, goodness and the prayers of His people that we have been able to walk this path.

Yesterday we had an opportunity to go out and get some family pictures taken.  It was a lot of fun.  These are our first family pictures since my mama passed away over 6 years ago.  We certainly won’t wait this long again. =)


Mother and son


Nathan took this one. Not too bad.


I messed around with this picture that Nathan also took (exposure was a bit off, so it is grainy) but it makes me smile to see the “sister love” and smiles.

Hope you enjoy seeing these as much as I have. Blessings~



One Response

  1. I’m so glad Kim u have such a great sister if it wasn’t for my sister I don’t know what I would do. Kim I know what u r going through cause I’ve been there and my sister by my side and vice verse. continuously praying for you and your family. love you all.

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