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    Cal/Magnesium blend (1x)
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    Creon 12 (6 with meals and snacks)
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    Percussion (30 minutes)
    alpha lipoid acid (1x)
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    nasonex (1x)
    zyrtec (1x)
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Great Strides 2015 Walk Results


Amazed and overwhelmed at this awesome TEAM of people showing love and support for my girl!

Well, it has been several weeks since the walk now.  I was partially waiting as we still have had donations, and shirt money coming in, but also because life just doesn’t slow down sometimes…and well, it continues to be crazy busy at our house. =)  But, I am finally sitting down to blog about this amazing event in our year!

First off, I wanted to let you know that Rachel’s Raise of Hope team raised nearly

$10,000 this year!!!!

That is 10,000 reasons of HOPE!!
10,000 Reasons to BELIEVE
10,000 Reasons to DREAM
10,000 Reasons for a CURE!!

chwor4618I can not begin to explain to others just what this support and encouragement does to our hearts and spirits.  It becomes part of us!  It lifts our resolve to keep fighting…one more day…one more battle to do treatment…one more handful of pills…one more sickness…one more fear about the future.  Truly, it is a blessings that effects this life and possibly eternity. This life is hard.  No doubt about it.  But the joy we receive from others engaging and entering our world to help, is nothing short of BEAUTIFUL!!!

Our team was asked to be second in line for the walk this year.  As each one walked over to the start line, my heart flooded with joy, awe and wonder at just how big our God is.  There was Rachel at the front of this line and throngs of people behind her.  While she is the one that must bravely face this difficult disease of CF each and every day, we were reminded that there are so many that pray for her, encourage her, give money to find a cure for her…and STAND beside her!!  It was overwhelming.  ch4632

The star-spangled banner song brought me to tears with “The land of the free, and the home of the brave”.  Simple, I know.  But it made me think of my sweet girl who is fighting “to be free” of the chains of cf, and the “bravery”, her and many others with CF, exhibit on this journey!  So while I was emotional at this point, the walk began with the song, I Lived which threw me over the edge!  If you haven’t had a chance to listen and watch this video…please take a moment to do so.  It is amazing.  However, it is also pretty emotional when I think of the hopes and dreams that I have for my daughter!!  So, as the walk started, so did the tears. =)  As each person from our team passed, and the song played, the words echoed in my mind.  Great Strides is definitely a celebration of the hope for the future, but coupled with the heartbreak that cf currently brings…is hard.  ch4643

Here are a few pictures from the walk this year.  Each year we are not sure what the Walk Day will look like.  The same was true this year.  We had about 15 people signed up to come walk with us.  The week of the walk, we had about a dozen people let us know that their families would not be able to join us. The weather was suppose to be stormy on top of it all.  So we were overjoyed to see so many Just Breathe shirts!!  Blessed that SO MANY took time out of their busy schedules to come out and walk with us!  TIME+PEOPLE+Fighting for a cure=HOPE&JOY&Future






Thankful for this group of ladies!


Sweet kiddos enjoying a picnic after the walk.


Thankful for these smiles.


Our incredible neighbors.


Support+Smiles=Spirits Encouraged!


This precious family blessed us more than they may ever know!! =)


Love the happy smiles from our friends!


Adults and children alike, we were thrilled to see each and every face present at the walk.


Go! Team Rachel.


Friends! Love this!


Oh that people we come out on a cloudy, chance of rain kind of morning to support Rachel’s life is such a joy to this mamma’s heart!


Thankful for sweet grandma’s and grandsons coming alongside our family to walk.


As I look at each of these pictures, I am reminded of just how good our God is to send others to strengthen us!


Yeah for family. Cousins are the best!


Chad and the ladies. =) Thankful for this group of godly friends.


Look at all of those Just Breathe shirts. AWESOME!!! Not to mention the flag from Thermal Services. So thankful for this company that sponsored us and shared our story!





Thank you, Jennifer!

 I know that I was not able to get a picture of everyone.  I am grateful for my friend, Jennifer who ran the walk with me trying to get some great shots.  These pictures and memories are such a spot of joy for our entire family.  They especially provide strength on hard days.  We are reminded that we are loved, and that most important…we are NOT ALONE!!!  There is a team of people fighting for Rachel’s life!

My sweet girl!

My sweet girl!

Fighting for MORE time with these precious people together!!

Fighting for MORE time with these precious people together!!

So again, I say THANK YOU!!  Thank you for the hope that is breathed and shared with our family through this walk!  A BLESSING that is salve to our spirits, and strength to our sometimes weary souls.  We ask that God would grace you with a knowledge of the encouragement that you brought to us.  The prayers, the words of encouragement, the donations, the sharing of our story and fight, the time to come out and walk alongside us…they all MATTER!!.  With deep heartfelt gratitude, we humbly say and thank you! ❤


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