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    Percussion (30 minutes)
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    nasonex (1x)
    zyrtec (1x)
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Update Kim 3/29 RUN

I haven’t posted about Kim for some time.  In part due to life being kinda crazy busy with our immediate family, and in part because Kim’s health has been all over that it’s hard to give an accurate account.  There have been many ups and downs over the course of the last few weeks/months.  She had one appointment that was very discouraging, followed by the next one that was much more positive.  Overall though, I feel like Kim is definitely moving in the right direction.


It has been a long, LONG journey, but we are so very thankful for God’s goodness and graciousness in our lives. HE IS ABLE!!!


Kim met with the rheumatologist two weeks ago per her hematologist/oncologist request.  It was in reference to why her body is still so tired and why her joints, and bones ache and even hurt at times.  He ran a BUNCH of blood work, and then proceeded to do a test of her mobility and tried to elicit a painful response.  That wasn’t hard.  Sadly, just lifting her arms up past 90 degrees did it.  It was hard to watch her in pain over a simple thing of lifting her arms up. =( However, the doctor was hopeful that he could get her to a more manageable place once he ruled out some things.  He then ordered a MRI for the following week and more blood work.  We were thankful, that what the doctor could see didn’t seemed to point at some of the more serious things yet.  The type of chemotherapy that Kim had is known for some VERY difficult, and long reaching side effects, and we are still hopeful that it is just taking her body a long time to sluff off the effects of the chemo.

Kim had the MRI last Wednesday.  Unfortunately, we have not heard from the doctor yet.  The nurse called late in the week.  Naturally, the nurse can not disclose much information.  Although, she did say that it did not appear that she had any inflammation in her joints.  That is good news.  The bad news is that her spleen is still very large.  Not sure what that means yet.  A little concerned considering that was where the leukemia first presented.  We will wait to hear from the doctor for a definitive evaluation of the MRI and other tests, in the mean time we are subscribing to the “no news is good news” theory as she still did not receive a call today.

One huge blessing is that Kim, while still not normal, she is starting to feel better and a tiny bit more energy.  For weeks and really months she could not go longer than a couple of hours without a nap.  She has had days, albeit few and far in between, where she has been able to keep moving all day!!  Thankful seeing this.  It is a blessing as she is trying to get to the point of returning to work soon.  She has been off of work since she was first diagnosed.  Astonishingly, and regretfully, that has been nearly 3 months. The doctor was feeling like she is almost at a point of at least trying to return to work soon.  She sees him again next Monday.  That will be a telling appointment.  ONE TREMENDOUS prayer request is that Kim’s immune system is able to handle the stress and challenge of being around hundreds of young kids.  The doctor was concerned with cold and flu season.  He thought that Kim will be at a great disadvantage, but in the same regard being cautious and washing hands like crazy will hopefully help.

So that is about all we know currently on Kim’s health.  God continues to be faithful and good.  He has sustained and provided for us in SO many awesome ways over the last months.  We are also extremely thankful for so many of you that have prayed and helped in incredible ways.  This form of leukemia is unfortunately something that she will contend with the rest of her life as there is no cure only remission.  Hard to think about the fact that she will likely need to do this process again…but desperately praying it is not for another 20 years or MORE!!!


*************One other thing that I wanted to mention.********
One of the teachers that Kim teaches with is working on a “Fun Run” fundraiser to benefit Kim.  It sounds like a lot of blast!!  If you are free consider joining us. =)

Information on the run: ***NOTE Date change! 

What: 2 mile Fun Run/Walk Fundraiser for Kim Barents
When: Saturday, May 2nd
Where: 19318 Badger Avenue Crescent, IA 51526
Time: Race will start at 1:30 p.m.
Cost: $25 per person (includes run, lunch and t-shirt) Donations are welcome


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Jcleadsus@msn.com  If you are on Facebook, please like “Fun Run Fundraiser for Kim Barents”!  And, thank you again~




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