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    Cal/Magnesium blend (1x)
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    Vest (2-3x) 30 minutes
    Percussion (30 minutes)
    alpha lipoid acid (1x)
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    nasonex (1x)
    zyrtec (1x)
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Eternally Thankful

Beautiful Girl

Beautiful Girl

Soon my baby will turn five!  I can hardly believe it! We have had nearly five wonderful years of loving, and getting to know this little miracle!  I marvel at the way the Lord brought her into our lives and the spirit and incredible heart that she continues to show us daily.

Yesterday, the family gathered around and talked about our first days of meeting and seeing Shiloh.  It was enjoyable to look at pictures and dialogue about the blessing Shiloh is in our family.   I truly can not imagine life with out her!  Please allow me a moment to reflect (brag) on her a bit.  Shiloh is sweet and thoughtful right down to her core.  She has a spunky side to her too.  Not often does she actually get physically hurt (because she is tough as nails, she can be bleeding and scraped up and yet hardly mutter a word), but if her feelings get hurt…watch out. =) She will let you know!!  She possesses a great amount of open emotions.  We sometimes call her “Drama Mama” because there is no guess work in understanding what she is feeling at the moment.  (As much as that can make me crazy, I love that too!)  Her affection and frustrations are evident and real.IMG_6901sm IMG_6980sm IMG_7188sm IMG_7115sm IMG_7066sm IMG_7216sm IMG_7082sm IMG_7205sm

Shiloh is quick to show incredible compassion for others.  She is selfless and kind.  I love her easy going nature too.  We will never know if that is simply because she is the youngest of four, or because she was born that way.  She gets along so well with each one of her siblings.  I am sure that is because of her humble spirit.

Shiloh is strong,  sensitive and smart.  She understands things in ways that a four year old just doesn’t.  Some of her questions throw me off at times, because they are so deep and thoughtful.  She has a enduring sense of justice even at her young age.  I also love how she understands a lot about the goodness of Jesus.  I am in awe sometimes at her ability to communicate some of those truths.  I know I shouldn’t be surprised…she has been talking non-stop since she was itty bitty.  I am certain that I have never known a child that talks as much as she does.  So it goes to stand, that if she talks that much, she must think a lot before she talks.  She also loves to sing almost as much as she likes to talk!!  So…God love the child,  she is full of sound/talk/singing ALL THE TIME!!

Sweet Shiloh

Sweet Shiloh

I am thankful that so many people think we look alike.  Although she was not born of my body, she is part of me!  It always cracks me up when we are out in public (mostly when dad is not around)  and someone asks about adoption.  My usual response is that one of our children was adopted, and ask them to guess.  More times than I can count, they say, Rachel was adopted.  With all of the skin tones in our home…it is rather interesting.

Shiloh is a reminder of the greatness of God, like each one of our children.  We talk a lot about adoption in our home and I know that there will be some difficult discussions ahead in light of it.  However, I also know that as God has adopted us, the love that He gives us is amazing and wonderful. I pray that Shiloh understands that.  I want her to know the indescribable gift that her birthmother sacrificed in placing her with us to parent and love.  I can not ever imagine that choice made almost five years ago.  It brings tears to my eyes and an ache in my heart to think of the pain of a mother making a hard choice that was best for her child…and yet knowing that it would most likely tear at her forever.  I am grateful, and pray often for Shiloh’s birthmother!   It is one of the things that makes me long for Heaven when there is no pain and all things will be made new.

Shiloh often talks of her birthmother.  It is comical at times.  She goes on and on about when she was a baby and how she did such and such with her birthmother.  (She was three weeks old when we added Shiloh to our family.)   Although she has not met her birthmother at a time when she could remember, she tells me often that she loves her.  It is precious and I of course reply, “And, well, you should.  She gave you life!!”  I know there is that longing and hole in her heart that she is starting to understand, even now.  We will work hard to help her process and come to a peace with that aspect of her life and beginning.  I am thankful that the Lord will walk that road with us too. =)

Family 2012Well, I should be baking a cake right now, but I just had to take a moment to slow down life and appreciate one of the greatest gifts from the Lord.  Each one of our children is a blessing from Him.  Looking at Shiloh allows my heart to be open to whatever gifts the Lord brings in to our lives!  He is gracious and kind.  Each one of the children’s birthdays are a reminder of an incredible privilege to love them!   God is good and I thank Him for allowing us His joy, delight and the ability to teach and learn in and through His great creations.  Thankful that we stepped out on faith and accepted His gift of Shiloh!  She has been an amazing blessing to so many…and most of all us, her forever family!

When the Bible says that children are a blessing from the Lord…there is no doubt about it…even admist the hard, long, crazy days, there is great reward!

So thankful!




One Response

  1. I love this post. Shiloh is adorable. I love your smile in picture of your holding her as a newborn. You look so excited. 🙂 And I also love how you respond to Shiloh’s comments about how she loves her birthmother. So beautiful, fostering that love and also realizing pain exists in that spot. Shiloh is so lucky to have you as her mother. This post made my day. 🙂

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