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Election Thoughts

As the election approaches, my heart has been a little heavy.  There are so many issues and fundamentals that seem to be at stake.  At times it has caused me to worry.  However, it must cause us to pray!  God is in control NO MATTER how tomorrow turns out!  What a comforting truth.  The kids and I have been praying for our leaders the last few weeks (reality, we need to do this daily, election or not) in our morning Bible. One thing that we discussed last week was the fact that God can work through a good leader, or a wicked one as He did so many times in the Old Testament.   However, we still have a responsibility to do our part.

We have been reading through the Bible as a church through out this past year.  It has been wonderful, insightful and encouraging to see that God works in and through all situations and circumstances. Yesterday’s sermon was much the same.  A reminder that God is able!  God does use His people to accomplish His goals in our world around us.  Voting is one of the real ways that we can live out this command to be light in our world.

A couple of things to consider.

Be informed

There are many awful ads being played.  The news stories are sometimes difficult to ascertain truth of the issues and candidates.  However, keep looking.  Read.  Search.  Pray.  Find out the major issues.  Don’t just take someone else’s view on things, pray for God’s insight.


There are an estimated 90 million registered voters that don’t make the time to vote!  That is unbelievable when you think that we had an election decided in recent years of less than 537 voters.  Get out and vote.


Vote your values.

1-  Jesus’ kingdom is about taking care of the poor.  But in doing that we want to help people not have to stay in poverty.  Currently it is harder for a person to get out of poverty than to just stay in the same place.  That is wrong and something needs to change.  (I remember growing up hearing stories about how hard it was for my mom to get out of that cycle of poverty.  There was all kinds of assistance available if you didn’t have a job, but the moment you tried to better yourself…you were on your own.  The chasm is so deep for those that truly want to end this cycle.)

2-  Jesus loves the little children.  Loving them in a way that does not produce huge burden for their future.  Unfortunately, the current debt will be enormous in their future and will greatly impact their freedoms.

3-  Cherishes Life-  The life that starts at conception and ends in death.  We must vote in accordance with that value, protection of life!

As a mama of one with CF, I worry about the value some may put on my child’s  life verses the cost to keep it going.  Health care is a huge issues.  In the process of trying to take care of the “whole” it seems the rationale that those that are sick, or elderly will be reduced to less valuable is hard to think about.  I have read, watched, and prayed about this issue.  I recognize the current system is broken, but the ones proposed thus far seem to have farther reaching problems.  Being on the cusp of new research that could extend my child’s life is thrilling.  I am concerned with government stepping into healthcare and dictating how the entire process is run.  This will most likely affect my child’s life and future.  The socialized ideas value “healthy life”, Jesus valued the sick and elderly too!

4-  Vote according to God’s reign.  This includes our Christian liberties.  I think of Hobby Lobby that has filed a lawsuit because they are being forced to provide money for contraception and abortion that goes against their religious liberties of protection of life.

The rights of family is also in jeopardy.  There are government officials that are trying to change the face of families and what families have the right to choose.  If you truly research this one, it should be concerning.  Breaking down the family is the breaking the backbone of a society.

These are just a few of the many, many issues that are at stake this election.  Please pray for our country.  Read, investigate, and make an informed decision.  I am not sure that either candidate truly loves Jesus (that is between them and the good Lord).  However, vote according to those values that align with Jesus.  He is good!  Praying that tomorrow, no matter how it turns out, that the Lord is honored and glorified.  Thankful…that I know He is able!

Happy voting~


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