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    Percussion (30 minutes)
    alpha lipoid acid (1x)
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    nasonex (1x)
    zyrtec (1x)
    azithromyicin (M, W, F)

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A Family That Plays Together…


We had an amazing family night tonight.  We work hard to have family nights (albeit sometimes they are cool and at times less cool)!  We would desire every week, but sometimes we only make once a month.  However, it is constantly on the radar to be striving to build into our children with fun and creative ways as a family while teaching them about the love of our Lord.

Our back to school dinner! So much fun.

Mom and kids toasting to the new year and all the great things the Lord will teach us!


Several years ago a sweet friend of mine told us about a back-to-school dinner night for her kids.  I loved the idea and we have worked to do it each year since (this is our fourth year).  Tonight was exceptionally fun!  My husband is awesome, and is so patient with me!  For our family night we go through a lot of effort to get the fancy dishes and goblets out (CLEAN OFF the dinning room aka office aka school planning zone) and eat in the dinning room.  We had a wonderful dinner, nothing fancy, but everything tastes better on special dishes Caleb informed me.

We followed dinner with a goal planning task.  We wrote and discussed the things that we wanted to learn this year, the ways we hoped to get to know the Lord better and the steps that we would take to achieve that, and then shared them with one another.  It was precious!  I love hearing the things that the kids are excited for and where their hearts are sensitive to the Lord’s guiding.  It is also a great time to express the gravity of the task before us with a new school year and working diligently to be more like Christ not only in the classroom, but everywhere!

We all filled out this page. The kids had great illustrations and sweet words. This is not too fancy, but we all thought it was fun. I don’t know how to add pdf files yet to my blog, but if you want a copy, I would be happy to send this notebooking page to you.


After our goal time, we had a sweet time of prayer together.  There is nothing more endearing than hearing your child’s heart before the Lord.  I LOVE PRAYING WITH MY FAMILY!!!

Team 1- Dad, Rachel and Caleb

Team 2- Mom, Nathan, Shiloh….(we rocked by the way!!)


The next part of our night was a ABC neighborhood picture scavenger hunt.  It was awesome!  My dear sweet husband planned it and created our sheets for us.  He came up with 26 interesting things to take pictures of and we split into teams and headed out.  It was so much fun!  We were running, laughing and screeching throughout our neighborhood.  I am sure our neighbors were wondering what in the world we were doing running around like crazy!  Building memories…and it was a BLAST!!

Taking pictures of “hats”. Pretty funny, I do have to say.

Trampoline was the one for “T” and Jumping kids for “J”. Pretty creative to get two pictures in one.


Last part of our family night was going to get ice-cream cones.  Delightful and fun evening.  Often times I wonder why I go through all of this effort for the first day of school.  The joy on my children’s face and the laughter from my husband and myself is why.  A family that plays and prays together… stays together!  Now, for the big day tomorrow.  STARTING SCHOOL!!!! =0  I love it, and yet have  enjoyed the summer’s relaxed schedule.  Praying for strength for tomorrow.  God is able and I am so glad that He is.  He will give me what I need, patience, joy and a love from Him to face the challenging that are sure to come this year.  For tonight, I am thankful for the precious memories that were created today.

Blessings from the Lord! Excited to start the new year, in all that we do may we honor the Lord!

I will let you know how tomorrow goes….(although, I am sure it will take me a few days to get back into the groove after the first few days of school). =)


***Update, we survived our first day.  Of course there were a few hiccups trying to get everyone focused and working simultaneously, but not too bad. We did our traditional chocolate cake for breakfast and walk around the block (although it was SUPER hot today, so it was a very quick walk).   After lunch we all took a dip in the pool!!  Not to bad for the first day of school.  Praise the Lord for prayer and His goodness to help me.  He is strong when I am weak…and I am so very thankful!!



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