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    Pulmozyme (1x)
    Glutathione Inhaled (2x)
    Advair (2x)
    Prevacid (2X)
    Ursodial (2x)
    Glutathione oral (3x)
    L-Arginine (1x)
    Acidophilus (3x)
    Vitamin (2x)
    Periactin (2x)
    vitamin d3 (1x)
    Cal/Magnesium blend (1x)
    ADEK (1x M,W,F)
    Creon 12 (6 with meals and snacks)
    Vest (2-3x) 30 minutes
    Percussion (30 minutes)
    alpha lipoid acid (1x)
    singulair (1x)
    fish oil (1x)
    nasonex (1x)
    zyrtec (1x)
    azithromyicin (M, W, F)

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Rachel’s Raise of Hope 2012

Rachel’s “Raise” of Hope 2012

Rachel’s Raise of Hope 2012
Friends and Family,
After much prayer, we are excited to announce the date for the 2nd annual Rachel’s Raise of Hope dinner and auction!!  It will be April 13, 2012, at the Omaha Police Union Hall (**location subject to change, we are checking into a larger venue).  We are hoping and praying that the event will be even bigger and better than last year!!!  Hopefully, by starting earlier it will ensure a well organized and fun filled event for everyone!!  Please plan to come, shop and invite lots of friends!!  Your presence and support gives us the courage to fight this disease with great resolve and the hope that soon this disease will stand for Crushed Forever!!!
Last year we raised over $16,000 toward Rachel’s future and others like her!  Truly blessed and amazed by you!!  You are the ones that prayed for us.  You are the ones that generously gave, networked your resources and connections, and gave of your time on our behalf.  Our family is humbled by your love and care to share in our fight against Cystic Fibrosis.  Would you be willing to do it again?
Despite the great successes of last year, the battle continues on!  We know that this is the healthiest Rachel’s lungs will ever be.  The effects of CF will ravage her lungs over time and will ultimately lead to her death.  Unless of course, a cure is found.  Gratefully, the answer is in reach!!!!  This is an exciting time, the CF Foundation is currently funding research that won’t just deal with the effects of CF, but rather control the underlying cause OF IT!   This is the first time in history that this has been done.  The trials that are being conducted (Vx770, and VX 880) are incredibly expensive though.  And unfortunately, unless we (families, friends and the Foundation) raise the money to fund it, it won’t happen.  It is not profitable for for the pharmaceutical companies to invest their time and money for just 30,000 people that suffer with this disease, and because it is considered an “orphan disease” CF also receives no government funding!   It is up to us.  Please let me know how and if you are willing to help us in this fight to crush CF!!  You can send me an email (jcleadsus@msn.com)  or leave a message on this blog and I will contact you.  Thank you for putting yourselves in our shoes and knowing that Rachel’s life is worth all of our efforts!

Some of the fabulous people on Rachel's Team!!


*Prayer, we know that God is able to do more than we could ask or imagine.  First, pray for Rachel’s heart to continue to be joyful drawn to the Lord through the difficult situations that she faces daily, and that she will know in her heart that the Lord graciously walks this journey with her!  Also, please pray for a safe, healthy winter for Rachel!  And, last, could you pray for the right people to come alongside to help us, that the right doors would be open and through it all for us to share God’s love and grace with each person that we come into contact with concerning this year’s fundraiser.

*I will have flyers, letters, and forms for the 100% tax deductions again this year to pass out to business contacts, and your friends and family.  If you think someone might be able to help…PLEASE, BY ALL MEANS ASK THEM!!!  We never know what contact will be the one that makes the difference for life and future!
(****I know that we are entering the busy holiday seasons, but as you are out shopping, it may be a great time to drop off a flyer to a business.  Many businesses are looking for tax deductions before the end of the year.)

*Call or Email Donors from our list of generous people that donated last year.  I have a call letter outlined and can email that to you if it would help you in knowing what to say to these businesses.

*We will also have t-shirt sponsors again this year.  That was an amazing project and was a way to give something back to businesses by way of advertisements.  We had over 350 shirts printed and those tshirt sponsors names are well seen at the Great Strides walk and all over town as a generous business that cares about people.  Small, local businesses are the best ones to ask.  They usually have a budget for advertising, even if they don’t for donations.  Please consider asking a business owner that you know personally if they would support CF.
*SHOP!  If you are a good bargain shopper, this is a great time to shop the great sales around the holidays that we could use for the auction.  Think Black Friday??? After Christmas sales??  Toys…Jewlery…tools…anything that you think someone would like to bid on at the auction.  Set a personal donation budget and then see what great deals you can score for CF.  Also PLAN TO SHOP AT THE EVENT, and be sure to bring a friend!!!   Wouldn’t it be great to be done with all of your birthday, and Christmas shopping for your family in April?  And…the best part it also would support CF! =)

*SHOW UP Even if you don’t feel like you have the money to shop, please come!  You have no idea what it means to our family to know that people took time out of their busy schedules to come and support us.  So, please come and know that your presence alone is an incredible gift to us!
 *Ask about matching donations at work to go toward Rachel’s Raise Of Hope.  Many companies will match the donation that an employee gives to a non-profit.  Ask at work if your company will!

*Send out donation request letters to family and friends concerning the Great Stides Walk.  We had a great group of walkers last year (over 100 that stood beside us in the freezing cold).  While the first focus is on the dinner and auction, the walk will follow on May 12.  Most people are aware of walk based fundraising campaigns.  While they might not be able to donate, come or shop at the dinner, they may be compelled to give a tax-deductible donation online as part of Rachel’s team.  http://www.cff.org/GREAT_STRIDES We have a sample letter that is ready for you to print and mail as is (or email), but you can also easily make a few changes to make it more personal, such as including how you know Rachel and what your personal fundraising goal is. Let me know how we can help you.  * Your wiliness to reach out to your contacts will help us to reach many more people with our story of hope that we couldn’t reach on our own.

*Involve your kids!  Last year we had a young boy that had a garage sale and all of the proceeds went to the CFF because they knew of Rachel and her fight to win against CF.    There was also a mini-bake/muffin sale put on by sweet teenage girls that sold muffins at church to donate to Rachel’s Raise of Hope.  They raised a great amount of money, and awareness for CF.  My own kids did a popsicle stand in order to make a difference in their sister’s life and future.  Rachel’s cousins went to many business with their dad last year handing out flyers and telling the story of their cousin battling CF.  All of these are great ways to involve your kids and to teach them the beauty of generosity and serving selflessly!  Inspired by others greatness and care.

*Be Creative!  Some of you are far more creative than I will ever be. I am sure there is an idea out there somewhere that is new and creative.  And, who knows…just maybe…it will be the one that changes the future for this disease!
So… I know I threw a lot out there at you, but it is because of your blessing in our lives that we have a hope for Rachel’s future.  Amazingly, God has blessed us with a team of people that are willing to fight on our behalf!  The craziness of another fundraising event is a daunting task, but somehow knowing others are in it with you is a joyful way to fight CF.  In a disease that is isolating, so full of unpredictables, and hardships…the dinner and auction provide a way to connect and to build hope through YOU!  Your love, support and prayers are what carry us through the hard days of sickness, medication and endless hours of treatments.  Words can not ever express the amount of gratitude we feel for you!  Our prayer is that God in His great mercy and kindness will speak the words that allow you to know the magnitude of what your support means to us.   For, we see His goodness through you. THANK YOU!!  May He be glorified through all!
With a Heart of Gratitude,
Paul, Tiffany, Rachel, Nathan, Caleb and Shiloh 

3 Responses

  1. YEA!!! So excited to see what the Lord does through you this year!!! I’ll be praying!

    • Thank you Rachel. As you well know, the work is a daunting task in light of all that we do on a daily basis to keep our kiddos well! However, it is a tasks that is more than worth it…especially when I look at my Rachel’s sweet face and know of my hope and desire for her to grow old! I will covet that prayer as I begin another year of fundraising!!!=) I will also continue praying for your sweet family. Thank you for the encouragement!! Take care-T

  2. I love love love your family picture!! I’m with you girl, just about to get started on our Great Strides campaign! Whew! It’s hard work but it’s worth it!!

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