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    nasonex (1x)
    zyrtec (1x)
    azithromyicin (M, W, F)

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Laying Down the Heavy Load

This week in particular there seems to be more “CF”  issues around us than have been in the past few months.  I don’t know if it is because winter is on the way or if I am just more aware of all of them.  But, regardless, I really like it when CF is in the background of our lives rather than in my face.  It is a heavy load some days…but as I was reminded this week-God walks the road with us and I am by His grace able to lay down this load at His feet.

For starters our little neighbor kid has been sick for about a week and a half.  He comes and knocks on our door almost every day.  I have to apologetically send him home each time.  When my boys have been out playing in the yard…he is the first one that wants to be in their faces coughing a horrible sounding cough. =(  Feels so rotten to ask him to go home, but it is just not worth the risk to Rachel at this time.

A second situation occurred this week that was tough.  We were to go hang out with some sweet friends of ours, and the kids were super excited.  They have been counting down the days!  Earlier this week when I called to figure out details of our visit, she told me that most everyone in their family has had a cold in the last week and she was just getting through the worst of it.  Feeling better, but still had a raspy voice with some of the left overs of the cold.  She asked what I wanted to do.  Heart heavy, I knew I must decline.  SO FRUSTRATING!  I hate it when what I want to do has to be carefully weighed against what is the right and healthy thing to do.  It is just what we must do.  I know this, and yet it feels so very hard.  All of my kiddos were sad but on the upside of that, it will definitely be a much more pleasant visit when everyone’s healthy.  I also greatly appreciate friends that take my child’s health into consideration.

And yet another situation this week that smacked us with CF reality was what started out to be a fun happy hayride.  As we rounded out the first minute on the ride I realized this was probably not a great idea.  The tractor was smoking, and the fumes were blowing right at us.  On top of that there were also a lot of people crammed into this small hay wagon.  We were on the 45 minute hayride for about 2 to 3 minutes and I noticed a little girl sitting right next to us.  Just then she let out a tremendous barking, yucky, cough!  Of course she was little and there was no effort to cover it up!  Instant guard went up.  I moved Rachel as far as I could away from the girl, but you can only go so far when you are smashed in somewhere.

Now our wagon wasn't quite THIS close. But, it was crowded. =) Hard to move away from someone who is sick.

(I don’t know if every CF mama feels this way, but I have heard that I am not alone in going into total protection mode.)  In situations like this it feels like a danger alarm goes off inside me.  My heart starts racing and my only thought is to pray and then figure out a way to get out of the situation in a quick hurry.  My friend that we were on the hayride with tried to put me at ease with a comment not at all meaning to deride my fears but rather to encourage I am sure said, “God knows where you are and He can protect and provide.”.  While I know this to be very true, I also think that He gives clear direction and we must be ready to follow in an instant. No sooner had she said that then the driver made an unexpected stop and was going to let this small group off to get on a ride that was going back.  I immediately jumped up ,and asked if we could get off too.  The gentleman said no.  There is not enough room for all of you.  I informed him that I really needed to get off.  The lady that was going to get off was so sweet.  She offered for us to take their spot.  She said they would enjoy the rest of the (very long) ride.  As we quickly got off the one hayride and onto the next, I took a moment to agree with my friend.  “Yes, God does know where we are and He most definitely takes care of us!”

It may seem like a quirky, overprotective story to you, but to me it is a constant reminder that this road that we travel is difficult…but oh, how our loving Father walks it with us!  This life is full of learning ways to enjoy and see the best of what God has blessed us with.   There are many dangers along the way for all of us (CF or other).  Our responsibility is to pray, watch and be willing to follow the leading of the spirit.  We ended up having a very pleasant (short) trip back–and there were no sick people on our return.  Praise the Lord for His constant care and protection…even when we don’t see or understand it all.  He is always good!

This is a song that we often sang driving down the road when we were little.  My mom loved to sing and passed that passion down to us.  (I am working on passing it down to my kiddos too.)  It is a good reminder.  Dependence, faithfulness, joy, trust found only in Christ who walks with us on this road…now coupled with singing about Heaven who could ask for more??

I am walking on Heaven’s road

Gonna lay down my heavy load

Cause Jesus said He’d walk along with me

Praise God, Glory Hallelujah!

I’m singing every day with sunshine along the way

So why not come along and join me on that Heaven Road.


3 Responses

  1. SO totally undestand every little bit that you expressed!!! Sounds like God may have provided that opportunity to get off the hayride to remove your heavy load!!!
    Would love to correspond…sounds like we have way too much in coomon not to get to know each other!!!


    • Yes, only another CF mama could probably understand the situation that I explained. There is encouragement in knowing that I am not totally “loosing” it at times.=) We try as hard as we can to keep things normal, but there is that level of wisdom at times that forces action too. So good to know that the Lord cares for our needs!!
      (I plan on emailing you…maybe tomorrow.)

      Have blessed and wonderful day.

      In His Grace,

  2. Hello!! I’m so excited to “meet” a new CF mamma! Thanks for the comment on the blog. I’m adding you to my blog feed so I can keep up with your crew. This blog is worded so wonderfully. I sometimes find it hard to described how I feel when around other children…especially ones that have signs of a cold/cough/sickness To some it may seem that I’m being way too over protective by declining play dates, missing birthday parties, or even moving our table in a restaurant to avoid the “gunky” children at the table next to us, but little do some people know what we have to go through when our cfers get just a cold. We CF moms do what we have to do and it’s comforting to know we all understand each other and can relate. 🙂 God Bless!!

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