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WOW!! Walk Day

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!  Psalm 107:1 


Winner of the iPad2 is………. Leon Aalberts

Yeah for you, Leon.  We will make arrangements to get this to you this next week.   THANK ALL OF YOU WHO ENTERED!!!  WE are still absolutely speechless at the wonderful ways that God provided for Rachel’s Raise of Hope team this year.  The iPad2 being just one of the ways that we saw God’s graciousness and kindness through people’s hearts donating to our cause!  We are humbled.

Rachel was thrilled to pull the name for the raffle! It was really cute! Congratulations!!!

Now for the Walk

It is so hard to articulate what a day like today means to our family!  When I look at the group picture I am still in awe that so many people came out today on a blustery morning in May where the temperature was just above 40 degrees when we arrived at the walk!  Still amazed and elated by the love and support that we were shown this morning!  God is so good to us!  The sea of blue (and gray) shirts provide a charge for us to keep moving forward…to not let CF get us down…to shine the light of the Lord where ever He chooses…to fight and win this battle against this horrible and debilitating disease!!

Full of smiles! Rachel was so super excited to be, "At MY CF WALK!".

Rachel was giddy last night before bed.  Wiggles and giggles thinking about getting to go to the walk this year.  Today, she was the first one up!  READY TO DO HER TREATMENT!  (See, she is wise enough to know already that we don’t go anywhere without first getting her lung treatment done.)  She was excited to do it….and that is not something that can be said everyday!  SHE WAS EXCITED!!

At the walk this morning I don’t think I could wipe the smile off her face.  It was beyond precious!  At one point she looked at me and said, “Are all of these people on MY team?”!  It was so sweet.  Then she wanted to know why.  I explained to her that these are the people that pray, and care and help when the road of CF gets unbearable.  These are the ones that want to make your life a little easier.  These are the ones that cheer her on to continue the grueling task of treatments and medications, and doing all she can to stay healthy.  (Both those present in the  physical sense, and the many others that we know of  that weren’t able to be here today.)  It was really special to see the look of joy come across her face.  Praise be the Lord above.

Brrrr!! But feeling the warmth of the love!

So windy we couldn't even get a good picture of the shirts...(and you just never know when money will fly??) Thanks for the cheerful laughter. You are a blessing!

Friends on RR of Hope team walk!

This year my emotional state was a bit different in having Rachel at the walk.  I was in a mode of protection.  Praying constantly and trying to think of ways to keep her safe.  (I also did not go get the roses or balloon for CF families.  Although it is a great idea and remembrance…I just couldn’t do it today.  Somehow I knew that would personalize it for me…just seeing the people get the roses was enough. So today was a fun focus on seeing my kiddos all having fun, and the amazing group of people with us.)  However, Paul at one point was thanking a group of people and the reality of what they had done, and how it truly impacted our family’s future was almost more than he could handle.  He started to break down.  It is good to experience those humbling and real emotions!  To know that others sacrifice is a gift more than we could ever repay!

It was hard to think about CF when Rachel's face looked like this all day.

So blessed by the smiles and the joy that comes so easily from this child.  I have much to learn from the way that she looks at life.  She doesn’t see problems…only challenges and situations that she can overcome.  I love that about her!  It is a gift from the Lord.  May the Lord use that quality to bring glory to himself through her little life!

Thankful, for braving the cold.

Friends will never know the joy that they bring to our hearts by their support in our fight against CF.

Love my sister! Thanks for sticking by us through trials.

More friends...thanks for coming.


$304,254 Raised for CF research!!!

Still blown away by this number!  So awesome to see.  This dollar amount represents…HOPE AND LIFE!!!  It represents my sweet girl’s future.  Praise the Lord.  Our team by His grace and goodness alone was able to include almost $15,000 toward this number.  God is amazing and days like this remind us that He cares, and that He can use money to achieve His purpose of showing His love and hope!

Not sure Rachel's smile could get any bigger. (Poor Shiloh was COLD!!! No smiles all day from her till she got home and warm.)

Our family walking and sharing in our burden. What a blessing! Love the smiles!

Friends and family blessing us by their presence and love!

Had to stop and get a picture with the STORM TROOPERS!! Love it that these guys are there every year.

Some of Rachel's people! She was so excited to see so many of her friends.

Sweet friends walking and cheering us on!! Thank you~

Joy exuding from the two of them. They were the first ones to say hi to the storm troopers!!

My best friend, and biggest cheerleader. Praise the Lord for him!

There really are no words to share my love for this man!  He is the most amazing man that I know!  He is kind, compassionate, gracious, loving, faithful, and my God given strength at times.  I praise the Lord daily for allowing me to walk through life with Him.  The good, the bad…it is all better because I have been blessed with him by my side.  Even CF…we are a team…a team working to serve the Lord above all else.  Working to change the future of CF for Rachel is just part of that teamwork.  Together we desire to please the Lord in all that we say and do including… the way that we handle the rough road of CF that we have been handed.  I love you Paul!!

Our sign to let others know where our team was at...Rachel was walking around the house holding this sign and giggling (when she thought no one was watching last night..so funny).

We have some great pictures of all of our friends and family.  (I try not to post close up pictures of others kiddos unless I have asked for permission to put them on my blog, but know that I have some AMAZING pictures of sweet kiddos that were super excited to be at the walk with our family. )  I will try to mail them out to individuals this next week.  THANK YOU ALL!!!!  You made this day a day to remember for a lifetime.  Rachel’s first walk was amazing…I am pretty sure that she didn’t even know that it was cold outside today!!! =)

OUR TEAM!! Rachel's Raise of Hope!!

Rachel’s Raise of Hope has done so much more than we could have ever dreamed!  It has raised hope for the future with medical research.  Raised hope that others care!  Raised  hope that the Lord is able to do far more than we could have hoped or imagined!  We put our trust in Him alone!

Sweet husband! Packing up to go home. Left over tshirts, raffle bucket, umbrella, blankets, and....the kitchen sink. It was a good day, but a cold one!

God is good all the time, and all the time…He is good!!!  Thank you seems like such simple words to express the joy that each one of you brought to our hearts today…only the Lord can truly express our gratitude to you.  May He give you His grace and shine His goodness on your life today because of your kindness to our family!!!

Humbly and eternally thankful!!  Paul and Tiffany (& Rachel too)


3 Responses

  1. Tiffany,

    I wish I would have known what I know now back when I went to college with you. I always got along with you, but I didn’t know just how amazing you are! You inspire me with each update you post. You are fighting for your child’s life and doing everything you can do find a cure and I, on the other hand, have lost my first born child and trying to find a cure for SIDS. I have grown closer to God during my ordeal, but have struggled sometimes and your posts have always brought me back to what I believe in my heart. I am so happy you were able to raise that much money for CF..CURE FOUND! I do have very close relatives that have CF and I am hoping all kids with CF will live a very long productive life 🙂

    • Wendy,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. God has been good to us despite the mixed blessings of CF that He has allowed! So sorry to hear about your child. What an extremely difficult thing to have to deal with. I can only imagine the heartache that is constant. Awesome to hear that you have grown closer to God through it all. He is gracious, loving and kind. It does seem that those character traits are the clearest when we are in the “storms” of life. Keep holding tight to Him, it is what gets us through each and every day!

      Please encourage your CF family members for us=)! Hopefully very soon CF will look very different and much brighter than it does today!! Thank you for writing.

      In His Grace and Care,

  2. Tiff…We love you guys so much! We were so thrilled to see ALL of those friends and family come out to support your family and, more specifically, Rachel. We are blessed by your blessings. We send BIG HUGS to all of you…
    Love, Rick, Erica, Taras, Charlie and Andrew

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