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    Blessed by the Lord for the Joy of family!!

  • Rachel’s Daily Cystic Fibrosis Medications

    Albuterol (2-4 x)
    Hypertonic (2x)
    Pulmozyme (1x)
    Glutathione Inhaled (2x)
    Advair (2x)
    Prevacid (2X)
    Ursodial (2x)
    Glutathione oral (3x)
    L-Arginine (1x)
    Acidophilus (3x)
    Vitamin (2x)
    Periactin (2x)
    vitamin d3 (1x)
    Cal/Magnesium blend (1x)
    ADEK (1x M,W,F)
    Creon 12 (6 with meals and snacks)
    Vest (2-3x) 30 minutes
    Percussion (30 minutes)
    alpha lipoid acid (1x)
    singulair (1x)
    fish oil (1x)
    nasonex (1x)
    zyrtec (1x)
    azithromyicin (M, W, F)

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7 Days to till the walk

Fact #7:  Ninety-eight percent of Men with CF are sterile.

Yesterday night Shiloh came down with a really bad croup cough.  UGGG!!  That deep feeling of sickness in my soul is back.  Just when I feel like we might have a good stretch of wellness for Rachel…sickness creeps in again.  This is such a reminder of why I am working so hard (and have the last few months) on our CF walk.  The unknown and fear that is present is so hard to deal with sometimes.  I love and care for each of my kiddos when they are sick, but in the back of my mind I am a little freakish trying to keep Rachel well.  I begin washing my hands like crazy, trying to make sure that I don’t let the sick kiddos get to close to my face lest I get sick too, and just in a total different state of mind.  I so wish I could just think of a cold as a cold that is no big deal.  Instead my concern is how bad is this cold going to be??  Who else will get it??  How will it affect Rachel??  When and if she will get the cold too??  Will this be the time we get put into the hospital??  Will this cold result in major lung damage?? IT STINKS!!!!  I hate this disease!!

I am also praying for the day of the walk, it looks like it suppose to rain that day.  The walk is rain or shine, so…I guess we will see.  A little disheartened though.  The first year we walked we had two precious people who came with smiles and shoes ready to walk and support us.  It was such a blessing!!  This year we have over 75 people who have said they are committed to walking with us!!  How cool is that?  Now…for the weather…  God is bigger than the weather!
Praying for  God’s goodness and care this week.


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